Check out the cover of the newest OM Yoga. This is from a studio shoot we did a few months back with a yoga instructor we’ve shot a handful of times for one of our favorite clients, Title Nine. image1


This week we completed the framing of the latest Facing Chemo exhibit – Before & After. The show hung this past Wednesday at a corporate event at Genentech. We are looking forward to seeing the show hang again soon.








We are back in the studio this week after traveling quite a bit of traveling for BioMarin. At the beginning of this month we took off to the Midwest to photograph a couple of amazing people with the rare disease called MPS-IV. The warm welcome into these people’s homes and spending time getting to know them is something that will stick with us for a while. It was incredibly rewarding to see into their lives and capture them as people, not as patients. Our First stop was Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Upon stepping into the airport we quickly realized that we had arrived at the peak of quail hunting season. We were greeted with a huge sign that read, “Welcome Hunters.” Being immersed in hunting culture from childhood, I had to get a selfie with some orange. blogThe “shoot”went well. We had an amazing crew and walked away with some great images.BioMarin - MPS VI patient - Kendra TITLE

Next Stop: Fort Scott, Kansas. We got to explore acres of farmland and lose a few games of CLUE to our host and his siblings. The Farm was beautiful, we found a rad barn to photograph. It was so inspiring we had to go antiquing after the shoot and picked up a few things for The Ranch. Houser_141106_0116


Rad Barn: To see more pictures check out the Instagram.Houser_141106_0259

BioMarin - MPS VI patient - HoldenAll in all the Midwest treated us very well. We can’t wait to share from Bob’s recent trip to New York with this project. More to come.


ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

We had a lot of fun Saturday at the ASMP Norcal shoot out.  I was invited to be one of three photographer to take an empty train station, a handful of models, all the grip and lights you could want, and thanks to Phase One, all the high res bodies and lenses you could want to play with.  I spent much of my time giving examples of shooting with available light, like the two below.

Many thanks to all involved.  Can’t wait to get the Phase files into the studio to play with, but here’s a sampling from my Canon 5d3.  Color, or black and white??

ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

Last month we shot a video in Chicago and San Francisco for the exercise studio, The Dailey Method.  The video was posted yesterday and got 3000 views in the first 24 hours.

We shot hours of footage in the two studios and plan to edit more but we had to do the first one using the footage from this one woman – she was great to work with.