Recent work – Safeway annual report cover and inside images.

Safeway annual report by Robert Houser photography - family dining image

Safeway annual report by Robert Houser photography - family dining image

Safeway annual report by San Francisco based photographer Robert Houser

Safeway annual report by San Francisco based photographer Robert Houser

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Abbasi Sohaib -Tools Division-Oracle
Abraham Lois, Esq. – Attorney
Abrams Rhonda – Author of “Wear Clean Underwear, Business Wisdom from Mom”
Adams Robert – Executive Director – Northern California Painting and Finishing Contractors (NCPFC)
Adelberg Mike, Amili’s East Coast Pizzeria-World Wide Waiter
Adelberg Mike and Cooperstein Peter, Amili’s East Coast Pizzeria-World Wide Waiter
Agostini Stephen, Budget Director, City of San Francisco (97)
Ahlberg Dan – Senior Product Manager at Cosmo Software
Alasti Nazila – VP of Marketing, Docent, Inc.
Aley Darr –, formerly Xchanges
Alfano John – Product Marketing, Cosmo Studio at Cosmo Software
Allen Paul – – Co-Founder & Executive Producer
Alvelda Phillip- CEO – MobiTV
Ameritrade – Board Members
Amos John – Director of Financial Systems – McKesson
Anderson David – Systems Administrator – Elite Reprographic
Andreessen Mark – Co-founder and Executive Vice-President – Netscape Communications Corporation.
Angus Robert, Maria Amundson + Zelda Rudin – A+R Partners – MC 2000 PR Agency of the Year
Antonucci Tonya – CEO Womens Professional Soccer
Archibald Fred- Information Security
Arthur Miller Bruce of E&Y Kenneth Leventhal (Real Estate Group – Ernst & Young LLP)
Aster Richard – President – Aster Investment Management Co.
Aymar Mike of Intel standing in front of the Intel Pentium 3 door

Baba Hana- reporter – NPR, KALW
Bahia Patricia or Nieuwenhuizen Patricia, Esq. Chief Executive Officer – Fast Track Litigation Support,
Baker Lanny – CFA – Salomon Smith Barney
Balajadia JP – Senior Engineer – Alfa Tech
Barfitt John, Division President – ADP Claims Solutions Group
Barnes Graham – CEO – NextWeb
Barnes Robert- CIO – Korbel Wines
Baron David – Professor – Stanford Graduate School of Business
Baron Gerald – Astrologist
Baron Larry – Searchlight Group, Inc.
Barrett Craig – CEO – Intel
Barrett Michael – CISO – Paypal
Barriero Vince – CIO – Tavolo
Barron Tracy and Woods Dana – AACCN, American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Barthold Thomas of Autodesk
Bauer Diane – Internet Learning Solutions Group – Cisco Systems
Baumert Lisa, Diane Bauer, Thomas Kelly, Mike Metz – Internet Learning Solutions Group – Cisco Systems
Beckstead Christine – Executive Vice President Applications Development – Visa International
Beirne David M. – General Partner – Benchmark Capital
Beeson Chris – Director – Silicon Valley Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
Bell George – President, Excite@Home.
Belluzo Rick – Hewlett Packard
Bennett Steve – CEO – Intuit
Beral Milton – CIO – DSL Networks
Berard John – Fleishman-Hillard, San Francisco
Bergmann Richard – President and Greg Owens – Chairman and CEO – Manugistics
Berman David – VP Worldwide Sales – WebEx
Bertochini Carlos – Robot Wars – 1997 winner, BioHazard
Bhatia Sabeer – President and CEO-Hotmail Corporation
Bhusri Aneel, Senior Vice President, PeopleSoft
Biba Ken – CEO – Vivato
Billingsley Eric – Principal Engineer – eBay
Biondi Matt – Olympic swimmer – hiking with his dog behind his home in Castro Valley, CA
Bird Sarah- VP Marketing – Homegrown Naturals (Annie’s Macaroni + Cheese)
Birmbaum Jan – Chef at Catahoula
Blake Michael – CFO – Kaiser Permanente IT Department
Blanton Kelly –, formerly Xchanges.
Blomberg Jean, Senior VP of Executive Banking Division, Silicon Valley Bank
Bluestein Whitey – Strategic Advisory Services
Bluestein Whitey – Telecommunications consultant, Visage Mobile, NorthPoint
Blyskal Jeff – editor Consumer Reports
Boerries Marco – CEO & President of Star Division Corporation
Boers Susan – President and CEO – Raven FlowBonnie Shelby – CEO – CNET Networks
Booth Lewis – CFO – Ford
Borg Anita- President – Institute for Women and Technology
Bourekas Phil – Marketing Manager – IDT
Breakiron-Evans Maureen – Vice President, Transamerica
Breen Don – CFO – Jamba Juice
Breen Marty – Proprietor – Forward Motion Sports- Danville, CA
Breeze Joe, Mountain Bike Builder in Marin county, in cycling clothing with Breezer Softride mountain bike
Brengal Douglas A. – Managing Director – Salomon Smith Barney
Breyer James – Managing Partner – Accel
Brilliant Lawrence – CEO – Cometa Networks
Briscoe Ted – Executive Vice-President – Ask Jeeves
Briz Bettina- Management Advisor
Brouwer Kurt – Brouwer & Janachowski
Brown Walt – attorney – Orrick
Brundage Sandy – free-lance writer – photographed for a piece on using clairvoyants for online gambling
Burgess Rob – Shockwave – Chairman and CEO
Burton Jeremy – Senior Vice President, Product and Services Marketing – Oracle

Caddes Darrin – VP Corporate Design – Plantronics
Calderoni Frank – Exec VP and CFO – Cisco Systems
Caldwell Jeffrey – Vice President, Applications Marketing – Oracle
Canon Maggie – Editor in Chief at Computer Life,
Capp James – President-CEO – Anteil
Carlson Cris – Project Manager – Employers
Carter Dennis, VP, Director of Marketing, Intel
Carvalho Michael – CTO – 1800 Radiator
Castells Manuel, Professor of Sociology – UC Berkeley
Cavanaugh Gloria – Presidnet and CEO – American Society on Aging
Cavender Mark – The Chasm Group
Chambers John – CEO, Cisco Systems
Chambers John – Thomas Kelly, Brad Boston – Cisco SystemsChan Ken, Computing Information System Analyst, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Chandhok Rob – VP Engineering – Qualcomm
Chatty Omar and Rhodes-Lawrence John – Livermore Labs
Chavez Ruben (Lt.) – San Jose Police Department
Cheng YuChiang- CEO, Nelson Chad- President, Lee Homan- Director IS&T – World Golf Tour
Chesterman Tom – CFO – Bionovo
Cheung Christabel – Director of Diversity – American Society of Aging
Chiles Keith – Director, Systems Engineering – InReach Internet – photographed smelling-listening to a disk drive.
Chin Karen – US Geological Survey – Paleobiologist
Chong James – Chief Tecnology Officer –
Chouinard Joseph – VP, New eCommerce Channels – Visa International
Chrapaty Deborah, Senior Vp Technologies, and CIO – E-Trade
Christensen Jon – CEO – Dealix – Invoice Dealers
Christenson Glenn – CFO – Station Casinos
Chuang Phil – CIO – Telecare
Cocciolo Harry, Sean Ehringer, Rob Kabus, and Courtney Buechert – Leagas Delaney Advertising
Cody and Grayson Devin
Colligan Edward – VP Marketing – Palm Computing – 3COM
Colton Elizabeth and her home office
Connors Brad- President and CEO – DSL Networks
Cooper Martin – Chairman – ArrayComm
Craine Edward – Smith Craine Finance
Cranston Mary – CEO – Pillsbury Winthrop
Creasy Rosalyn – author of Cooking from the Garden.
Cromar Michael – CFO – C+S Valuation
Crowley Rick – Cisco Systems
Cunningham Andy- Cunningham Communication Inc.
Cunningham Andy and Ricci Ron – Cunningham Communication Inc.
Curtin Christopher – Sr. Director, Strategic Engineering – Candescent

Daily Gretchen – Stanford Professor
Daniels Jack – running coach at SUNY Cortland
Darbee Peter – CEO – PG+E (Pacific Gas and Electric)
Dash Anil and Trott Mena – Six Apart
Davis Marc – Olympic runner – photographed at his home in Portland – Infrared film
Dayton Sky – founder – Earthlink, Boingo Wireless, SK Earthlink
Dean John- Silicon Valley Bank Shares
Dean John C. – Managing Director U.S. Equity Research Division – Salomon Smith Barney
Dekay Bill – CEO – Telespree
De la Motte Phil – F5, Farzad Tari – Secure Computing
Demuth Bill – SureWest
Denis Robert L. – CIO – Trimble
Dennedy Michelle – CPO – Sun Microsystems (Chief Privacy Officer)
Denning Dorothy – Professor – Naval Postgraduate School
Denten Mary – Runner – recovered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Dexheimer Ann – Actively invests online.
Deyo Nancy, President & CEO – Purple Moon – software and games for girls
Dillon Adrian – CFO – Agilent Technologies
DiMaggio Dan – CEO – UPS Worldwide Logistics Group
DiPietro Dee, President of Advanced HR
Dippert Jonathan – Chasm
Ditmore Jim – Ameritrade
Ditz Nancy – 1988 Olympic Marathon runner
Djerassi (Dr.) Carl
Dodson Jerome – President – Parnassus Investments
Dolbec Mike – General Partner – Orange Ventures
Donahue Scott- VP – Tier1 Research
Donovan Jim – VP, Global Industry Solutions – Teradata
Dotson Tim – Executive Director IT Solutions – SureWest
Douglas Patric- shark diver – Absolute Adventures
Downes Larry- author – The Killer App, The Strategy Machine
Downing Ronald J. – Senior Vice President Distributed Processing Technology – Visa International
Dracup Kathleen – Dean – UCSF School of Nursing
Dubinsky Donna – President and CEO – Handspring
Duffield Dave, CEO PeopleSoft
Dugger Randy of Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Director of Information Systems

Eager Randy – Computer Campx
Ebbeson Carl- CFO – Groth Vineyards
Eberhard Martin – CEO – Tesla Motors
Edwards Karen – Director of Brand Management – Yahoo!
Eichengreen Barry – Professor of Economics – UC Berkeley
Ejabat Mory, President and CEO – Ascend Communications
Elder Eric – VP Marketing – Ryland Homes
Elliffe Guy – Senior Vice President, Eric Hull – Vice President, Nicholas Moore – Vice President – Jurika & Voyles
Ellington David E., Net Noir (black content on the web)
Ellis Alan – Attorney – federal criminal law
Ellison Jib – BluSkye
Ellison Larry – Oracle
Elop Stephen – Senior VP & General Manager eBusiness Solutions – Macromedia
Enan Hussein – Chairman and CEO – Insweb
Enderle Rob – Vice President & Research Leader – Giga Information Group
Engel Vince – President, Esecutive Creative Director – Leagas Delaney, San Francisco
Entrekin Kaleb – Convoy Software
Epperson Dirk – Co-founder and VP of Product Strategy – Kabira
Erickson Gary – founder – ClifBar, editorial, portrait
Estep Greg R. – Senior Analyst – Chevron
Estrin Judy – CEO – Packet Design
Eubanks Gordon – President and CEO – Oblix
Everett Gloria – Executive Vice President, Operations and Sales – Globalstar
Eyzaguirre Alan- The Webby Awards – Director, Strategic Development – dressed as a cowboy/pioneer.

Fainaru Mark, writer – San Francisco Chronicle
Fainaru Steve, writer – Washington Post
Farmer Al, CTO – Hear Music
Farr Kevin – CFO – Mattel
Farrill Craig- CEO – Kodiak Networks
Felsenstein Lee – Senior Electrical Engineer – Pemstar
Ferguson Chrissy – Ultra-runner and Milpitas, CA firefighter
Ferrara Assiamira, PhD – Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Ferrary Jeannette – Salad lady
Festa Stephen V. – Senior VP, Chief Claims Officer – Employers
Filmore Alan – Technology Director and Mulligan Sean – District Technician (black shirt) – Union School District, San Jose
Filo David – co-founder – Yahoo!
Finnamore Suzanne – FCB – Levi’s Account
Fisher Ken – Fisher Investments
Florsheim David – Florsheim Homes – photographed at a jobsite in Manteca, CA
Fluitt Cindy – Agency Producer – Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Forberg John, Deputy Director of Information Technology Communications, Contra Costa County
Fortune Ronald, Ph. D. – CEO –
Foster Ron – CFO – FormFactor
Fotsch Edward – Chief Executive Officer and President – Medem
Fourre Anne Marie – Former Director of Benefits – San Francisco Chronicle.
Fox Keith, Vice Pesident Corporate Marketing at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Fram Bruce – President and CEO-Luminate
Frank Phil – Cartoonist – San Francisco Chronicle
Frantz Rusty – Vice President, Engineering –
Frazier Kyle – Broker – Frank Howard Allen Realtors
Frerichs David – VRML Marketing Manager at Cosmo Software
Friedman David – Clean Vehicles Program
Friedman David – Economist
Friedman Milton – economist – Hoover Institute
Friesen Richard – President – Epit
Frisbee Scott – CTO – Scient
Fry Earl – CFO – Informatica
Fujita Gregg – Realtor – Harbor Bay Realty
Fulton Paul- President + CEO – Orative and David Ladd
Furlong Mary, Founder and Chairman – Third Age Media
Furrier John – Co-Founder – EtherLinx
Furrier John – Co-Founder, and Layne Holt – Founder President & CEO – EtherLinx

Gad Nagy – Corporate Purchasing Manager, WW Purchasing – Sybase
Gadbois Ray, VP Corporate Marketing – PeopleSoft, Inc.
Gadre Anil, VP – Worldwide Corporate Marketing – Sun Microsystems
Garber Ross – Chairman – Vignette
Garnett Katrina – President and CEO of Crossworlds software
Garretson Sterling – Co-Founder –
Gellman Alan – Vice President, E-Business – Blue Shield of California
Gelman Lauren – Stanford Law School
Gentile Mike – VP – Product Services, Information Technology Services
George Stephen J. –, formerly Xchanges
Ghods Davood – Agency Information Officer – California Department of Food and Agriculture Information Technology Services
Gilbert Dean – Senior VP, General Manager – @Home Network
Glann Hilary and Nitzberg Bob – Mobile Computing Division – Hewlett Packard
Glaser Nancy – Director – Venture Philanthropy, and Julien Phillips – Executive Director – Partners in School Innovation
Glessner Joe – Network Administrator – Howe Electric
Gnau Scott – Senior VP, Chief Development Officer – Teradata
Gold Adam – Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance – Obongo
Gold Rich – Manager – RED – Research in Experimental Documents – Xerox Parc. Photographed with the cartoon content that is digitally rendered in the “Tilty Table” at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.
Goldman Michael and David – President and CEO – Comedy Time – content producers for MobiTV
Goldstein Mark – Chief Executive Officer –
Goodman Andrew, Executive Producer at Paradesa Media – Web Master
Gordon Stephen, President of Restoration Hardware
Gough Michael- Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer – Quokka Sports
Gramaglia Jerry – Senior VP Sales, Marketing and Communications – E-Trade
Grand Joe – Grand Idea Studio, Prototype This star
Granick Jennifer – Stanford Law School
Grant George – Senior Vice President of Marketing – ClickAction
Gravenites Steve “Gravy” – Gravy Wheels
Graw Dominique – VP, Compensation and Benefits – Agilent Techologies
Gray Gordon of National Endowment for Aids Research
Grayson Devin and Cody
Greenberg Eric – Scient
Grone Ralf – Designer, Product Development, Frogdesign. Designer of the eBook – Rocketbook
Gross Paul – Borland
Groth Dennis – Groth Vineyards
Grove Andrew S. – Intel Corporation – Chairman of the Board (Andy Grove)
Gruner Loren – President – Integral Results
Guericke Keith – CEO – Essex Property Trust
Gunderson Erica P., Ph.D. – Research Scientist, Epidemiologist – Kaiser Permanente
Gunn Bill- VP, Procurement – Gap Inc.
Gurley J. Wiliam – General Partner – Benchmark Capital
Gutierrez Desiree – Project Manager – Tibco

Hagerman Kris, President, CEO of BigBook – internet yellow pages
Hainline Forest – attorney – Pillsbury Winthrop
Hale Kathryn – Gartner Group
Hale Tom – SVP + General Manager Knowledge Worker Solutions – Adobe
Hale Thomas – Director of Technology, and Brad Porteus – Managing Director — Imagine Radio
Haley Chris – NAREIT
Halla Brian- CEO – National Semiconductor
Halvorson Kurt – Ameritrade
Hamel Gary- Professor – London Business School, The Management Lab
Hamid Mamoon – Principal – U.S. Venture Partners
Harden Aub – Product Manager, Java Development Environments
Harr Doug – CIO – Ingres
Harrington C. Kevin – VP Global Business Operations & O’Connor John – Director Supply Chain Risk Mgmt – Cisco Systems
Harris Ken – Shaklee
Harris Randall – makes guitars
Harris Rusty, Director of Business Service for EDS
Harrison Scott J. , Jr. – Director Quality Compliance – Visa International
Harrison Shelley – Innocal
Harvey Kevin R. – General Partner – Benchmark Capital
Hawley George – CEO – Gluon Networks
Hayden David – Critical Path – Chairman and Founder
Hayward Bill – Hayward Lumber
Hecht Brian, CEO. Electronic Newsstand – ENEWS
Hellman Warren – Chairman – Hellman and Friedman LLC
Henderson Lisa – Chief Executive Officer –
Hendricks Dewayne – CEO – Dandin Group
Hennessy John – President – Stanford University
Henning Melinda -Doing Bussiness By Phone-Telephone Communication Training
Hensler Deborah- Stanford Law School
Herr Eric, President, COO – Autodesk
Hershenson Mar – CEO – Barcelona Design
Heyman Nick – Director of Network Operations – Homestead
Hladecek Joel – Creative Director – Red Sky Interactive
Ho John Paul – Managing Partner – Crimson Investments
Ho Lorna – Webcaster, Financevision – Yahoo!
Hobbs Woodson (Woody) – CEO – Intellisync
Hochschild Arlie, author of Time Bind, editorial, portrait
Hoffman Auren – President – Bridgepath
Hoffman Charles- CEO – Covad
Hoffman Lou, CEO and Leon Hunt, CFO – The Hoffman Agency
Hoffman Reid – CEO – Linkedin
Hofmeyr Steven, Ph.D. – founder and Chief Scientist – Sana Security
Holt Layne – Founder President & CEO – EtherLinx
Homer Mike – EVP, General Manager, Netcenter – Netscape
Hommeyer John – Vice President & Chris Deyo – CEO of
Hommeyer John – Vice President of Marketing – of pets.comHorner Nadine- Executive Director – Livermore Chamber of Commerce
Honey Stan – President, CTO – Sportvision
Horn Sabrina, President and CEO of the Horn Group
Horrowitz Jeffrey – NAREIT
Hosein Clyde – CFO – Marvell
Houde Wil – W.J. Houde and Associates
Hsieh David W. – Vice Pesident of Business Affairs & Co-Founder – FaceTime
Hubbard Jordan – FreeBSD
Huber David (Dr. ) – Chairman and CEO – Broadwing
Hughes Harold – CEO – Pandesic
Hull John – Director, Intel Communications Fund – Intel Capital
Huneeus Agustin of Franciscan Vineyards standing amongst the barrels with a wine thief and glass.
Hunsaker Kristen – VP, Techineal Staffing, SITE Staffing – Charles Schwab
Hunt John – Co-Founder and CEO – Obongo
Hynman Jamie – Robot Wars – 1997 champions, Blendo , editorial, portrait

Ingraham Wendy with two Stanford Women’s Basketball players
Ingraham Wendy – triathlete
Ingram Ron – former legal counsel – San Francisco Chronicle
Intel bunny suits (clean suits) – two children wearing the suits in the Intel museum
Irvin Vernon- Executive VP, Communications Services – Verisign

Jablow Peter – former Executive VP and COO – NPR (National Public Radio)
Jackson Jeanne – CEO – Banana Republic
Jacobs Regina – Mile runner
Jaffe Martin – former CFO – San Francisco Chronicle, currently VP Business Affairs – Dolby
Janssens Genevieve – Director of Winemaking – Robert Mondavi Winery
Jarvis Mark – Vice President-System Products Marketing-Oracle
Jarvis William – President – Jarvis, Napa Valley Winery
Jasper Dane- CEO/President –
Jasuja Amit, VP Oracle; Milan Thanawala, VP Oracle; Mike Schrock, F5
Jetter Michael – founder
Jeffery Brian – Managing Director – International Technology Group
Jeffries Robin – Senior Staff Engineer-Sun Microsystems
Jennings Joseph, Consultant. Innocal
Jermoluk Thomas – CEO, Excite@Home
Jiminez Bill – System Administrator – University of the Pacific
Jobs Steve – CEO – Apple Computers
Johns Chris- CFO – PGE
Johns Belinda – Senior Assistant Attorney General – State of California
Johnson Byron- VP of Financial Development – YMCA of the East Bay
Johnson Greg – Tradiant Tradiant is now called GT Nexus.
Johnson Gregory of Franklin Templeton Distributers, Inc
Johnson Kurt – VP Finance & Administration – Yipes
Johnson Matt, John Bates, Leri Greer, Jeff Sherwood – Big
Johnston-Watt Duncan – Head of Development Global Fixed income Markets – Instinet
Jones Carolyn – Program Manager City and County of SF
Jones Christina – President – PC Order
Jones John B. Jr. – Managing Director U.S. Equity Research Division – Salomon Smith Barney
Jones Robert- Chief Financial Officer – Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley
Jones Tom – Pharmacist – Kaiser Permanente. Actively trades onlineTodd Osborne – Senior Director, Marketing and Cal Kenney – Director Business Development – AcerTodd Osborne – Senior Director, Marketing – Acer
Joseph Allan- attorney – Rogers Joseph O’Donnell & Phillips
Joss Robert – Professor and Dean – Stanford Graduate School of Business
Juniper Networks

Kadifa George – President and Chief Executive Officer – Corio
Kagle Robert C. – General Partner – Benchmark Capital
Kahle Brewster- Digital Librarian – Internet Archive, SF Lan
Kahn Philippe- CEO – Lightsurf
Kao John – Author – Innovation Nation
Kappock Thomas J. – Group Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy – Visa International
Karter Andrew, Ph.D. – Epidemiologist / Health Services Researcher – Kaiser Permanente
Kato Saul – CEO – Wideray
Katsin Daniel – Katsin-Loeb Advertising
Katsin Daniel and Jef Loeb – Katsin-Loeb AdvertisingKeker John – attorney
Katz Michael – Professor of Economics – University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business.
Kauffman Scott, President and Chief Executive of Clickover
Kay Francis Mary – Acct. Manager – Caribiner International &-John Csernotta – Central Comm. Manager – Lincoln Mercury
Keast John H. – Vice President and Chief Information Officer – PG&E Corporation
Keller Joeseph – chef at Buchon in Yountville, Napa California
Keller Thomas – chef and owner of The French Laundry in Yountville, Napa California
Kelly Thomas – VP, Internet Learning Solutions Group – Cisco Systems
Kemp Chris – CIO – NASA
Kendrick Kevin – VP, Technology Ventures Group – Bechtel
Kennedy Joe – Chief Executive Officer – E-loan and Chris Larsen – President – E-Loan
Kennedy Joe – Chief Executive Officer – E-loan
Kenney Cal – Director Business Development – Acer
Kepler Clark – Kepler’s Books and Magazines
Kertzman Mitchell, CEO Sybase.
Kesner Matthew – CTO – Fenwick and West
Ketchum Mark – OPAC Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Khoshnevisan Cyrus – Vice President, Technology –
Kilgore Leslie – CMO – NetFlix
Killen Heather – Vice President International – Yahoo!
Kilmer Carleton of Andersen Consulting
Kippola Tom – The Chasm Group
Kirani Shekhar – VP, Engineering – Lightsurf
Kizhepat Govind – Founder, CEO and Jorapur Sanjeev – VP Technology – NetXen
Klein Roxanne – chef Roxanne’s
Knight Mark – federal detention center prisoner – Supreme Court Case 2001
Koenig Brad – of Goldman Sachs.
Kolderup Ken- VP Marketing – Kineto Wireless
Koliopoulos John of Rizer and Associates pictured wtih his Xerox multi-use scanner-printer
Koogle Tim, former Yahoo CEO, and his wife Pam Scott
Kraus Michelle – Contributor – Open Magazine
Kriens Scott – CEO – Juniper Networks
Krolik Robert – CFO – Karna
Kulsik Laura – member of Sacramento Running Club – Buffalo Chips – Aug. 97 Runner’s World Golden Shoe winner
Kumagai Susan T. – Attorney – Lafayette & Kumagai
Kunst Dave – Earthwalker – the first person to walk around the globe – 1970-1974 – Guiness Record Holder

Ladd David- Chairman – Orative; Managing Director – Mayfield
Lafayette Gary T. – Attorney – Lafayette & Kumagai, editorial, portrait
Lafayette Gary T. and Susan T. Kumagai – Attorneys – Lafayette & Kumagai
Lamb Todd – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Lammer Ellie – photographed with stop watch and parking meter – her science project on parking meters in Berkeley changed California law.
Lampe Scott – CFO – Hendrick Motor Sports
Lane Raymond – Partner – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – 2008
Lane Raymond – Managing Partner – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and wife Stephanie – 2009
Lang Larry – VP, Wireless Mobile Group – Cisco Systems
Larsen Chris – Chariman and Founder of E-Loan an co-founder and CEO of
Larsen Steve – CEO – Krugle
Larson Erik – Attorney – Gasner, Spahr & Larson
Larson William, Chairman & CEO – Network Associates, Inc.
Lauer Gary – VP, Worldwide Field Operations – Silicon Graphics
Lauzier Marijean – President and CEO – The Weber Group,Inc.
Lawrence Tony – IT Director – The Olympic Club
Law Sharna (En Route Travelware) + Rick Snyder Austin Logistics)
Lawson Cecil – Program Manager, CIO and Margie Zamora – Supervising Applications Analyst – San Jose Police Department
Lawson Nate- Founder – Root Labs
Lay Phillip – The Chasm Group
LeBlanc Michael – owner – Pican Restaurant
Lee Alan – CEO – Portwell America Technology
Lee Homan – Director IS&T -, Cheng YuChiang – CEO and Nelson Chad – President – World Golf Tour
Lee John and Jo Ann
Lee Kai-Fu, PhD., President of Cosmo Software
Le Furgy Rich – Archer Advisors
Leidert Erik- CEO – High Wired
Lencioni Patrick- The Table Group
Lent Fran – President – Fran’s Healthy Helpings
Lepore Dawn – Charles Schwab
Lessig Larry – Professor – Stanford Law School
Leslie Tim – California State Assembly
Leupp Jay – Alesco
Levin Howard- Director of Technology – The Urban School of San Francisco
Levine Judy – VP Marketing – NorthPoint and Steven Showers – Database Marketing – NorthPoint
Levine Judy – VP Marketing – NorthPoint
Levy Elias – CTO
Levy Paul – Founder and Chairman – Rational
Li Charlene – Founder – Altimeter Group, Co-author of “Groundswell”
Liddle David E., Ph.D. – President & CEO – Director of Research – Interval Research Corp.
Lin Felix – Co-Founder & Chairman – AvantGo
Lipsin Bill – Ironside
Lipton Stuart – Attorney at Law with Howard Rice Nemerovski Canady Falk & Rabkin
Liliequist Carl- CEO – Honsador Lumber facility outside Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Loeb Jef – Katsin-Loeb Advertising
Long Robert, Sr. Manager, Information Technology and Engineering Support, KLA
Looksmart talk show – Former host
Lorbeck Jeffrey- VP and GM MediaFLO – Qualcomm
Lucovsky Mark – Google and Rademacher Paul- creator of, Technical Director Engineering, Google
Lyon Gordon (Fyodor) – Nmap

Mace Michael – Chief Competitive Officer – Palm Computing, Inc.
Mack Beverly- UCSF
Mackey R. Lee JR – Charles Schwab – Total Solutions Provider, Intranet and Distributed Technology
Mahre Michael – CEO – BMC Construction, Wilson Stan – CEO BMC West, Mellor Robert – CEO – BMHC
Malaga Michael – CEO – Northpoint
Mallonee Keith – Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) – McKesson HBOC, Inc.
Mankin Clay proprieter City Cycle of San Francisco
Mark Cary, CIO – C+S Valuation
Marks Michael – CEO and Chairman – Flextronics International
Marks Steven – NAREIT
Martin Dave- Director of Technology – Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative
Martinetto Joseph – EVP, CFO – Charles Schwab
Martinez Tucker Sara – CEO – Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Mathison David -Vice President-Technical Development-Reuters America
Mattes Daniel – CEO – Jajah
MacDonald Andrea – portrait of her with her Cardoon potato salad
MacDonald Jack – Ameritrade
MacDonald Randy – Ameritrade
MacGillivray Robin – VP Business Solutions Group – Pacific Bell
Maddocks Peg, Ph.D. – Senior Manager Internet Learning Solutions Group – Cisco, playing computer games with her son Aaron
Mallen Ronald- Attorney – Hinshaw & Culbertson
Mallett Jeff – President and Chief Operating Officer – Yahoo!
Maltzman Reed – Director, Strategic Planning & Analysis – eBay Inc.
Mandelbaum Ken – Chief Creative Officer – BBDO
Marks Laurie – Co-Owner – The Mill Yard, Arcata
Martin Smith James (James Smith) – VP and General Manager – Seybold Seminars – MediaLive
Mayes Frances – Author – “Under The Tuscan Sun” and “Bella Tuscany.”
McAulay Roger- President and COO – ECast
McBride Chuck- Creative Director – TBWA-Chiat-Day
McClary Raich Angel – medical marijuana, medicinal cannabis case
McClosky Bill – Cosmo Software
McCoy Gretchen – Senior Vice President Quality Management – Visa International
McCrea John – Director of Marketing at Cosmo Software
McDowell Frank – President, CEO – BRE Properties
McGee Michael – President, CEO and Hal Struck – Executive VP – – Pardee Construction
McLaren Michael, Exec. VP; Courtney Buechert; Kevin Moehlenkamp, Exec. VP – McCann Erickson executives
McMinn Chuck – Chairman of the Board – Covad
McNeeley Scott – CEO – Sun Micro Systems
Mc Neil Bridget, VP Marketing Client Access Business Unit, 3Com
McNulty Kevin – Bay Street Solutions
Medbury Scot – Brooklyn Botanical Society
Melkote Keerti – Founder + VP Product Management, and Pankaj Manglik – Founder + CEO – Aruba Wireless Networks
Mello Adrian – Editor – Line 56
Mellor Robert – CEO – BMHC, Mahre Michael – CEO – BMC Construction and Wilson Stan – CEO BMC West,
Mendelson Haim – Professor of Information Systems and Management – Stanford University.
Mendelson Haim – Professor of Information Systems and Management and William Miller – Professor of Public & Private Management – Stanford University.
Meng Yuan – Computer Consulting
Meskill Judith, Director – Technology tools – Pacific Bell Internet Services
Messih Robert W. – Director – Salomon Smith Barney
Metcalfe Robert – Dr.- Vice President- Technology International Data Group
Metz Mike – Internet Learning Solutions Group – Cisco Systems
Middleton Pat – Chief Architect – Preview Travel
Miller Floyd of Miller Huber Relationship Marketing.
Miller Floyd of Miller Huber Relationship Marketing with Marijean Lauzier of the Weber Group.
Miller William – Professor of Public & Private Management – Stanford University
Millett Mina, CIO and Ed Schummer, VP Licensing – Dolby Laboratories
Minor Halsey – CEO, CNET- The Computer Network
Mondavi Margrit – Robert Mondavi Winery
Mondavi Robert – Robert Mondavi, Napa Valley Winery
Moore Constance (Connie Moore) – Exec. VP, COO – BRE Properties
Moore Geoffrey – The Chasm Group
Morimoto Rand – President and CEO – Convergent Computing
Morris Robert – VP, Personal Systems and Storage – Director, Almaden Research Center – IBM – photographed with wearable computer technology
Moschandreas Katherine, President and Jeffrey Grossman, CEO – SeeWisdom Technologies
Mosher Jeff – Winery Chef – Robert Mondavi Winery
Mosk Stanley – Justice – Supreme Court of California
Moss Whitney of
Moudry Mary – Chief Operating Officer – DDB – Photographed with her two children
Mucha Michael – CISO – Stanford Medical Center
Mulligan Sean – District Technician – and Filmore Alan – Technology Director – Union School District, San Jose
Murray Timothy, President & Larry Purcell, Vice President – Purcell ay Company Inc.
Musen Mark, M.D., Ph.D. – Assoc. Professor of Medicine and Computer Science – Stanford University
Mutton David, President – Driving Obsession – PGA member

Nagle David – Board Member – Tessera Inc.
Naimark Norman – Professor – Stanford – writer re- Ethnic Cleansing
Natchez Meryl – CEO – TechProse
Navin Ashwin- Co-founder & President – BitTorrent
Neal Susan, VP – Business Development – Gymboree
Neil Steven – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer – Diamond Foods
Nelson Anne – Ameritrade, editorial, portrait
Nelson Chad- President, Cheng YuChiang- CEO and Lee Homan- Director IS&T – World Golf Tour
Nelson Jonathan – CEO of Organic, Tim Smith – CEO and founder of Red Sky Interactive, Mark Kvamme – CEO of CKS
Nelson Jonathan – CEO – OrganicNemy Jeffery – Global Information Services – The Interpublic Group of Companies
Newby-Fraser Paula – Triathlete
Newcomb Bernie – Philanthropist
Ng Amy – Global Supply Manager Worldwide Operations – Apple
Nichols A.J. (Nick Nichols) Ph.D. – President – Probitas – photographed in a federal court room.
Nielsen Jakob, Ph.D. – Nielsen Norman Group
Nieuwenhuizen Patricia or Bahia Patricia, Esq. Chief Executive Officer – Fast Track Litigation Support,
Nijor Robin – VP, Marketing & Sales – Lightsurf
Noble Janelle, Ph. D. – Associate Scientist – Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
Nolan Patrick, MIS Engineering Manager, Stanford University
Nolan Thomas – President, CEO – XCERT -and Patrick Richard – Chief Technology Officer – XCERT
Nolan Thomas – President, CEO – XCERT
Notebaert Dick – Chairman and CEO – Qwest
Nothhaft Hank – CEO –

Obongo – International lunch gathering
O’Brien Jeffrey, Editor at Marketing Computers
O’Connell John- CEO – Kineto Wireless
O’Connor John – Director Supply Chain Risk Mgmt – and Harrington C. Kevin – VP Global Business Operations Cisco Systems
Olinger Tom – CFO – AMB
O’Loughlin Sheryl – VP of Marketing – Clif Bar Inc. – Photographed with a Luna Bar
Olukotun Kunle with the Niagra chip packaging at Sun Microsystems
Orr Scott – CEO and CCO – Sorrent
Osborne Todd – Senior Director, Marketing and Cal Kenney – Director Business Development – Acer
Osborne Todd – Senior Director, Marketing – AcerOstrovsky Robert – Citibank
Overgaard Kelly – Director, IS Operations – Adaptec
Owens Greg – Chairman and CEO – Manugistics

Padilla Jerry – VP Investment Products-Annuities – Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Padua Gino – VP general Manager Worlwide Channels Organization – Broadvision
Paisley Christopher – Professor – Santa Clara University
Palmer Richard – VP/GM Security – Cisco Systems
Palomino Leonard – Vice President of, Enterprise Services, Informix
Panther Charlotte of Computer Gaming World
Park Dale – COO – Thin Multimedia (TMI)
Park Dale – COO and Chuck Yoo, CEO – Thin Multimedia (TMI)Pascarella Carl – President and CEO – Visa U.S.A.
Parker David – President of License Online
Passione Vince – Ameritrade
Patton Rebecca – CEO –
Pazmany Peter – Senior Director Global Systems – Sun Microsystems
Pearce David – CEO, and Stephen Barry – VP Operations – Miasole (SB – Blue shirt, DP – Yellow shirt)
Peletz Steve – President-CEO –
Pell Eve, 1997 winner of Boston Marathon (60 +)
Perna Janet – General Manager, Data Management, IBM Software Solutions
Perry David – President – Chemdex (1999)
Perry David – President and CEO – Ventro (2000)Peterschmidt David- CEO – OpenWave
Perry Robert – President and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Peterson Chris – President Supply Division – Warden’s
Peterson Grant of Rivendell Bicycles Previously of Bridgestone Bicycles
Peterson Karen and Scarborough Caroline
Peterson Mark – Ameritrade
Petrone John, VP of Technology, Preview Travel
Pierce Terry (Captain) – Naval Post Graduate School
Piersanti Steven – President and Publisher – Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Pigg Mike – Triathlete
Piket Richard – Portfolio Manager – San Francisco City and County Retirement System
Pirie Christopher – VP, Oracle Learning Network, Oracle University – Oracle
Platt Lewis E. – Chairman, President, and CEO – Hewlett-Packard
Plattner Hasso – CEO – SAP Labs, Inc.
Points Don – CFO – SolarGenix
Pollino David – First VP, Online Risk Strategy – WaMu
Potter John – Vice President – CNET Tech. Dept.
Pottruck David – President and co CEO – Charles Schwab
Price Steve – Seaplane Tours of San Francisco
Pruitt Gary – CEO – The McClatchy Company – owners of the Sacramento Bee and other newspapers
Puccinelli Ron – Director of Information Technology – City of Concord
Pulver Jeff – EVP. Marketing – E.Piphany

Quattrone Frank – Credit Suisse
Quirk Tim – Managing Editor –

Rabaey Jan – Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – University of California, Berkeley – Wireless Research
Rachleff Andrew S. – General Partner – Benchmark Capital
Rademacher Paul- creator of, Technical Director Engineering, and Lucovsky Mark – Google
Ragsdale Bill – teacher – Harvest Park Middle School – Pleasanton, CA
Rand Len – President and CEO – NetBoost
Ramadan Alan – President and CEO – Quokka Sports
Ramsey Brian – Director Communications Marketing – Lynx
Randleman Murray (Lt.) -director -San Mateo County Sheriff’s Area Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security
Rao Varsha and Naficy Mariam – Co-Presidents and Co-Founders –
Ray Julie – Realtor – Tri-Coldwell Banker
Ream Thomas, President of Intellect — makers of Smart Card Technologies
Reeves Nanea – Senior VP Online Ea
Reichel Jennifer (Dr.) – Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center
Reyes George – CFO – Google
Richard Patrick- Chief Technology Officer – XCERT
Richardson John – CFO – Qwest
Rickets Joe – Ameritrade
Rickets Peter – Ameritrade
Riley Tony – CFO – Avanex
Riney Hal and Partners
Rivas David- CTO – Sun Microsystems
Robbins James, President – Business Cluster Development
Roberts George – Owner – Roberts, A Town Market Place
Roberts George – Owner – and Christine Roberts – Manager – Roberts, A Town Market Place
Roberts Janice, Senior VP Marketing and Business Development, 3Com
Roberts Janice, General Partner – MayfieldRoizen Heidi – Principal Managing Director – Soft Bank Venture Capital
Roberts Michael of Educom
Robinson Sara – Contributing Editor – Interactive Week
Robinson Susan – Associate Dean of Career Services – Stanford Law School
Robinson Stephen, Electronic Commerce Manager, Adaptec
Robles Steve, Assistant Director – County of San Bernardino Department of Risk Management
Robot Wars – 1997 champions – (L-R) Biohazard, Blendo, La Machine
Rodgers T.J. – CEO – Cypress Semiconductors – photographed wearing a tricorn – three cornered hat (founding fathers of Silicon Valley)
Roscheisen Martin- CEO – NanoSolar
Rose Jim – Co-Founder and CEO – Mob Shop – formerly Accompany
Rosen Ken – NAREIT
Rosen Kenneth – Professor – UC Berkeley, Rosen Consulting Group
Ross Jeff – attorney – Pillsbury Winthrop
Roster Mike – Exec. VP + Chief Counsel – Golden West Financial,
Rubida Lawrence- Brown University student – cancer patient
Ruefenacht Mark – Founder – Dogs4Diabetics
Rupp Vicki – alum – Carleton College
Russo Anthony- Founder and Chief Scientist – Atrua Technologies

Sacks Jonathan – COO – MFORMA
Sadashiva Mohan – Faith West
Saffo Paul – Director – Institute for the Future
Safoulet Bernard – Professor of Physics – University of California at Berkeley.
Sanders Glenn – Nuvo Media
Sanderson Sandy – Executive Vice President – Oracle
Sanjeev Jorapur- VP Technology – and Kizhepat Govind – Founder, CEO – NetXen
Santa Don – owner – Woodlands Market
Sapp John – Sr. Manager, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance – McKesson
Satriya Hari, Software Engineer – victim of Internet crime
Satterthwaite Roy – VP – Commerce One, MarketSite
Saunders Jonathan – Chief Bear – Puffalumpf imagufactored toys
Scanlan Paul – COO – MobiTV
Schaff William, CFA-Chief Investment Officer-Bay Isle Financial Corporation
Scheerder Janpieter – President, Corporate Executive Officer SMI network Storage – Sun Microsystems
Scherer Barbara- CFO – Plantronics
Scherer Jared – Greek Affairs and Student Group Advisor – Univerity of California, Berkeley
Schlecht Stephanie – Director of Sustainability – Give Something Back office products
Schlereth Joe running in city park in Fresno, CA – Mega Mileage Man – ran 9,000 miles in 1996
Schneier Bruce – CTO – Counterpane Internet Security
Schon Jeffrey – Living Books
Schroeder Tracy – VP IT – USF, University of San Francisco
Schuett Jim – CFO – J. Lohr Winery
Schulman Daniel – CEO – Virgin Mobile
Schwartz Ann, PhD – UCSF – Dept of Epidimiology
Sclavos Stratton – Chairman and CEO – Verisign
Scoll Joan – Director, Information Services – Adobe Systems Inc
Scott Karyl, Features Editor for Information Week
Scott Pam and husband Tim Koogle, former Yahoo CEO
Scott Susan, Executive Director of TrustE
Scott Sue, President of Primal Lite
Seff Jim – attorney – Pillsbury Winthrop
Segarra Aracelli – female Spanish climber survived the fatal 1997 Everest expedition.
Shah Rupesh – Director, Corporate Sustainability – Intuit
Shambora Peter – President and CEO – StorageWay
Sharpe William, Stanco 25 Professor of Finance at Stanford University
Shecterle Bob – Vice President Market Place Solutions – People Soft
Sheedy James, MD – Opthalmologist – UC Berkeley Eye Clinic
Shepherd Renee, of Renee’s Garden – seed company – photographed in her kitchen with preparations for a pepper dish
Sheppard Benjamin – Oakland Undercurrent Swim School
Shimp Robert – Sr. Director, Product Marketing – Oracle
Showers Steven – Database Marketing – NorthPoint
Shulgin Alexander “Sasha”, Ph.D. – pharmacologist and chemist, worked with MDMA (Ecstasy) and other psychoactive chemicals
Siboni Roger – CEO – Epiphany
Sifter Daniel – Co-founder, VP of Engineering and CTO – Kabira
Sigal Mark – CEO – Rapid Logic
Sikon Larry, Managing Director – Technical Services – NationsBanc Montgomery Securites
Silverstein Goodby and Partners
Simila Al – PG&E
Siminoff Ellen – VP Business Development and Strategic Planning – Yahoo!
Simpson David – Sr. Vice President, R & D, Engineering & Regional Operations – On Command
Simpson Steve – Creative Director – Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Sinclair Carla – editor of Boing Boing Magazine-Author of Net Chick
Singh Gurjot – CEO and President – Lynux Works
Singh Gurjot – CEO and President – Lynux Works and Lee Alan – CEO – Portwell America Technology
Singh Ratna – McKinsey & Company, Inc
Skok Michael – Chairman and CEO – Alpha Blox
Slacik Charlie – CFO – Beckman Coulter
Smith Catherine – Executive Director – California Special Districts Association – California Rural Water Association,
Smith Gower – CEO – Zoom Systems
Smith Mark, Ph.D. – Department Manager Appliance and Media Systems – Hewlett Packard Laboratories (HP) – photographed with wearable computer technology.
Smith Michael Abe- CSO – Xilinx
Sobrato John – Founder, Chairman – Sobrato Development Companies
Sogas Dimitrios Jim – Vice President Sales – Elpida
Somers Stirling – Executive Director – SVEF
Sommer Richard, Esq.,J.D., M.Phil. – CEO – Med Channel
Sooley Michael – CIO – Sedgwick
Souders Bill- Cisco Systems
Sparks Tom – attorney – Pillsbury Winthrop
Stan Wilson – CEO BMC West, Mahre Michael – CEO – BMC Construction, and Mellor Robert – CEO – BMHC
Start Christine – student involved with legislation to permit cell phone use on school campuses
Stedge Leland III (Tech. Sgt.) – PACS administrator – David Grant USAF Medical Center
Stedman Wayne – IT manager – R2C Group
Steele Sheri – Executive Director – Electronic Frontier Foundation
Stevens Mark – attorney – Fenwick & West LLP
Stevenson Rob – CEO – Gobeam
Stewart Valerie- Assistant Regional Counsel – Federal Bureau of PrisonsTroy Trenchard – Director of Product Marketing Broadband Fixed Wireless Solutions – Cisco Systems, Inc. and Trevor Traina, President, and John Dunning, Executive Vice President of Comparenet
Stoll Cliff- author
Stone Greg – Senior Product Manager, Content – NorthPoint
Stone Jim and Andrew
Stone William – Principal –, Bill Stone – formerly of Stanford University
Story Joan- attorney – Sheppard Mullin Richter + Hampton
Strug Kerry – Olympic Athlete
Subov Dmitry – President, CEO + Founder – Legal Match (legalmatch)
Subramanian Krishna – Chief Executive Officer – Kovair
Sundaram Vijay – Tradiant Tradiant is now called GT Nexus.
Surace Kevin – President, Chief Executive Officer – Perfect
Svendblad Henry- Director of Information Techonology – Chart One
Swan Ila – Advocate of elderly health care
Swarte James, Managing Partner. Accel
Swezey Sean, Ph.D. – Entomologist – UC Santa Cruz. Photographed in a field of organic strawberries – next to cultivated Radish flowers
Szabo Alex-

Tannenbaum Marty of Commerce Net
Tanner Mike – The Chasm Group
Tanner Mike, Geoffrey Moore, Mark Cavender, Phillip Lay, Paul Wiefels, Tom Kippola – The Chasm Group
Taylor Carlton – Katsin-Loeb Advertising
Taylor James, Senior VP of Global Marketing, Gateway 2000. Photographed in San Francisco
Telleen Steven, Ph.D. – Area Director – Giga Information Group
Thatcher David – Executive Vice President and CFO, Doug Hickey – President and CEO – Critical Path
Thiel Peter – Chairman of the Board – PayPal
Thomas Tom – President and CEO – Ajuba Solutions
Thompson David – doing yoga in his backyard
Thompson John – CEO – Symantec
Thompson Malcolm – Ph.D., President and CEO and Aram Mooradian, Ph.D., CTO – Novalux
Thorn Lee – Chairman – Jhai Foundation
Thorpe Mark – Robot Wars – organizer
Tibbits John and Bernstein Barbara – columnists for Information Week
Tidwell Steve – Infrastructure Manager – Project Playlist
Todd Matthew, Ph.D. – CISO – FInancial Engines
Tomlinson Steffan- CFO – Aruba Networks
Trevor Traina, President, and John Dunning, Executive Vice President, of Comparenet
Transmeta – Founders
Trask Richard – Revenue Sharing Association
Tremblay Marc, Ph.D. – Distinguished Engineer – MAJC Chief Architect – Sun Microsystems
Trenchard Troy – Director of Product Marketing Broadband Fixed Wireless FSolutions – Cisco Systems, Inc.
Trey & Greg – Robot Wars – 1997 champions, La Machine
Trott Mena and Dash Anil – Six Apart
Tsingos Christine, VP, Treasurer – Autodesk
Tsingos Christine, VP, Treasurer; and Eric Herr, President, COO – Autodesk

Ubben Jeffrey- Managing Partner – ValueAct Capital
Ubinas Luis – Director – McKinsey & Company
Upadhyay Deepak – Sr Architect IT – Cadence
Underwood Kara – Adobe Systems Incorporated – Manager Worldwide Training and Communications
Urban John – Tradiant Tradiant is now called GT Nexus.
Urban John and Sundaram Vijay of Tradiant Tradiant is now called GT Nexus
Urban John, Aaron Omid Sasson, Vijay Sundaram, and Anil Nair of Tradiant Tradiant is now called GT Nexus

VanDercreek Michael – Director of Web Infrastructure –
Vinocur Barry- Editor and Publisher – REIT Zone publications

Waldeck Clifford – owner – Waldeck’s Office Supplies
Walker Craig – Product Manager – Google
Walker Paul – Clairvoyant
Walker Richard M. – Marketing Manager – Home Products Division – HP
Walker Robert – VP, Chief Information Officer – Hewlett Packard
Wallace Richard – Executive Director – Noland Hamerly Etienne & Hoss
Walley Darlene, Ph.D. – President – Cooke Pharma
Walsh Joan – Vice President, News Editor –
Wang Paul – Paul Wang & Associates Architects
Ward Michael – Musician, Author – Mike and the Bike
Ward Sheila – Product Manager, Web Authoring Tools at Cosmo Software
Warmenhoven Dan – CEO – NetApp – 2007
Warmenhoven Dan – CEO – NetApp – 2009
Warner David – Red Horse Constructors
Warnock Larry – Vice President Corporate Marketing – Documentum
Waters Susan – Executive Director – California Society Certified Public Accountants
Weatherford Mark – Director – California Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection
Weaver Greg – CFO – Sirna Therapeutics
Weinberg Bill – Dir. Marketing – Montavista Software (Hard Hat Linux)
Weiss David – Chairman, President, and CEO – Storage Tek
Weiss Warren M. – Chief Executive Officer – Asera
Weston Rusty, Managing Editor – Research, Information Week
Wetsel-Borland Gary
White Doug- CEO – White Industries
White Thurman – CEO – Progressive Investment Management Company
Wick Paul – Managing Director – Seligman Technology Group
Wiefels Paul – The Chasm Group
Williams Lance – San Francisco Chronicle
Williams Leanna, Risk Control Officer – County of San Bernardino Department of Risk Management
Williams Paul – researches effects of running. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories.
Williamson John – Manager of Capacity and Availability – Philips
Willis Michael S. – Managing Director, Information Technology – Warburg Dillon Read
Winblad Ann – Partner – Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Winters W. R. Butch – President + CEO – Neomar
Wirt Ken – CEO and Founder – Riffage
Wirth Mary – senior Corporate Counsel – International – Yahoo!
Wittig Bob – Corporate IT Manager – Independent Electrical Supply
Woods Dana and Barron Tracy- AACCN, American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Wright-Violich Kimberly – President – Schwab Charitable

Yang Jerry – co-founder – Yahoo!
Yang Jerry and Filo David – founders of Yahoo!
Yaros Justin – Senior Vice President – CIO – Twentieth Century Fox
Yocam Delbert – Chairman & CEO – Inprise (Borland)
Yoo Chuck – CEO – Thin Multimedia (TMI)

Zarcilla George – Director of Customer Operations – ofoto
Zavaleta Erika
Zawinski Jamie – Hacker – Netscape Communications Corporation
Zdanowski John – CFO – Linden Labs – Makers of Second Life
Zenger Anita – Project Controls Manager – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Zornosa Anna –

a biotech annual – design concept was paths to health and squares were repeated in the book throughout. hopscotch, I thought. I get kids to stand in for test shots and after a few they want to blow me off and go do the monkey bars. I follow them with my camera – more squares – even better angle. I thought it worked well, but would the company be into monkey bars on the cover?

Bio Tech cover 2006

another cover – this time for Safeway. find a perfect kitchen for a family. I loved the idea that the Father was the one making the dinner – perfect with my fatherhood project – more on that in the next post.

2006 BioRad annual