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welcome 2016

OK that was a busy fall.  We were thrilled to do a series of pharmaceutical projects here in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Toronto, Wisconsin and Denver.  On top of that I was back and forth to LA for some portrait work and we wrapped it all up with a number of fitness projects for Title Nine.  As if the busy shooting schedule of the year wasn’t enough, we did a lot of work at the ranch (pictures to come) — completing the client/makeup room and redoing a kitchen.  The goats are still here, chicken count is up to seven, and a new golden retriever pup is now following Taco around the farm — Luna is sure to have a starring role on this blog.  The reclaimed redwood slab built-in table in the makeup room is a thing of beauty.

Some fitness images from Title Nine’s Spring marketing.  Always fun working with Alix Tillet!

woman lifting weights

Fitness photography by San Francisco Advertising photographer Robert Houser photograph of a woman working out in a crossfit gym photograph of a woman doing crossfit photograph of a woman running advertising photograph of a woman laughingadvertising photograph of a woman laughing

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