Published Cover

Check out the cover of the newest OM Yoga. This is from a studio shoot we did a few months back with a yoga instructor we've shot a handful of times for one of our favorite clients, Title Nine. 

Urban running

We shot this week in Oakland in some very urban settings.  A preview.  Which crop on the mural photograph do you prefer?    
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Days in the snow

Bob// I flew in from Minneapolis this week after photographing another MPS-IV patient for BioMarin. In addition to testing my snow driving skills (reminding me of my days Boston days) I had the opportunity to meet another inspiring dude and…
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Facing Chemo

/Kala This week we completed the framing of the latest Facing Chemo exhibit - Before & After. The show hung this past Wednesday at a corporate event at Genentech. We are looking forward to seeing the show hang again soon.   …
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Fun in the Midwest

/Kala We are back in the studio this week after traveling quite a bit of traveling for BioMarin. At the beginning of this month we took off to the Midwest to photograph a couple of amazing people with the rare disease called MPS-IV. The warm…
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just do it

studio news\katie Check out these die-hard women "just doin' it" Nike style.  Female role models have sure come a long way.  And, we still have a ways to go, but every time I see the images that Bob shoots for TitleNine I think…
ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

behind the scenes with bob!

  studio news\katie... Come.  Come see bob.  Come see bob climb. crawl. carry. cavort. collaborate. connect and capture. (hmmm... perhaps I've dated myself with this reference?) In any event, be sure to check out the new 'behind…
ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

a man and his goats

 studio news\katie . . . The lawn mowers arrived over the weekend and they certainly are sweet!
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March 1st: workshop at the ranch

studio news\katie. . .   We had so much fun shooting and playing with the light at the ranch last week - here's an opportunity you won't want to miss -  join us for Bob's upcoming workshop and take part in the fun! Enhanced Workshop…
ASMP shootout by Robert Houser

thank you, ASMP norcal

We had a lot of fun Saturday at the ASMP Norcal shoot out.  I was invited to be one of three photographer to take an empty train station, a handful of models, all the grip and lights you could want, and thanks to Phase One, all the high res…