last week I went to charlotte, north carolina for the day to do a magazine cover shoot. had the opportunity to climb into one of Jeff Gordon’s race cars – an amazingly confining space. I cannot imagine being in one of these cars when it’s burning.

nascar race car

General Nascar images:

i received this quote in response to the book mock up:

The tag I often get hit with is “Mr. Mom”, I don’t take offense to it, but when someone asks “Are you Mr. Mom?” I just tell them “No, I am their father.”

to all of you, happy father’s day

it began in late 2005.  months later, we have the book dummy online and we’re printing it to show to publishers.  to see the book [click here]

Pillow Fight

a biotech annual – design concept was paths to health and squares were repeated in the book throughout. hopscotch, I thought. I get kids to stand in for test shots and after a few they want to blow me off and go do the monkey bars. I follow them with my camera – more squares – even better angle. I thought it worked well, but would the company be into monkey bars on the cover?

Bio Tech cover 2006

another cover – this time for Safeway. find a perfect kitchen for a family. I loved the idea that the Father was the one making the dinner – perfect with my fatherhood project – more on that in the next post.

2006 BioRad annual

at a recent lecture, i spoke of shooting stems
the simplicity of shooting . knowing the images are only for me
i find myself scouting just like i’m reviewing the light on location

for me, this process has become my creative reset button

callalilly 1

callalilly 2

callalilly 3

callalilly 4

We had a standing crowd at Monday’s Apple store lecture. I chronicled my move toward available light and my new shooting style – discussing the “conversations” we have on portrait assignments. A large part of the talk focused on my Fatherhood project – the purpose of it as creative development and how it grew out of an excercise of self reflection – done while shooting flowers. The stems work I do continues to be my reset button – something I discovered with the creative coaching assistance of Deanne Delbridge.

apple store 1



when fathers begin to play an equal role in the raising of children,
the world will truly be changed – paraphrased from Gloria Steinem

are we there yet?

fatherhood inc
at my Apple Store lecture on Monday, April 9th 6pm

fatherhood 1


fatherhood 2


fatherhood 3


fatherhood 4


fatherhood 5

in total they are here only a few weeks
once they are in full bloom
a moment or two of wonderful light
and then the wind comes

i’ll discuss how “stems” are my “reset button” at my San Francisco Apple Store lecture on Monday, April 9th.

blossoms 1

blossoms 2

blossoms 3

blossoms 4

blossoms 5