annual reports . two cover stories

a biotech annual - design concept was paths to health and squares were repeated in the book throughout. hopscotch, I thought. I get kids to stand in for test shots and after a few they want to blow me off and go do the monkey bars. I follow…

cala lily study

at a recent lecture, i spoke of shooting stems the simplicity of shooting . knowing the images are only for me i find myself scouting just like i'm reviewing the light on location for me, this process has become my creative reset button

apple store lecture

We had a standing crowd at Monday's Apple store lecture. I chronicled my move toward available light and my new shooting style - discussing the "conversations" we have on portrait assignments. A large part of the talk focused on my Fatherhood…

fatherhood . march

when fathers begin to play an equal role in the raising of children, the world will truly be changed - paraphrased from Gloria Steinem are we there yet? fatherhood inc at my Apple Store lecture on Monday, April 9th 6pm     &n…

crabapple blossoms

in total they are here only a few weeks once they are in full bloom a moment or two of wonderful light and then the wind comes i'll discuss how "stems" are my "reset button" at my San Francisco Apple Store lecture on Monday, April 9th. …

fatherhood . february

i can't even say anything for this entry . i was just so pleased editing it


to see them up close is such a wonder there's no way they could really look like that

drums and bubbles

fatherhood . continues in the middle of the night, every night, i take him to pee his eyes closed, completely asleep - i pick him up to carry him back to bed his arm wraps around my back tightly - some nights i feel gentle pats from his hand some…

fatherhood - december 2006

december was a good month for this project. with parents and kids both home, i was able to set up a number of shoots. each time i shoot this subject, i am so moved by the relationship between these fathers and their children. each time, i find…

stems - fresh snow

in the evening it was perfect for snowmen, by morning, the fresh stuff was soft and dry