LA Gallery show this month

my cala lily images will be featured in a gallery in LA - the Whole 9 Gallery the show opens october 13th and runs through november 10th 6101 washington blvd culver city, ca


school's back some images of summertime fun ...

a comment on fatherhood

My fatherhood book project is ongoing. I hope to shoot a number of Dads in the coming months, but I wanted to highlight a comment that came through on this blog. At the time this comment came in, I was shooting for a week in Maine and there…


at first when I began this book project, I felt like I wanted to only show images of fathers doing things society doesn't expect of them. recently I was shooting a father with his two sons and we went out to his car. he was showing them how…


last week I went to charlotte, north carolina for the day to do a magazine cover shoot. had the opportunity to climb into one of Jeff Gordon's race cars - an amazingly confining space. I cannot imagine being in one of these cars when it's…

happy father's day

i received this quote in response to the fatherhoodinc.com book mock up: The tag I often get hit with is "Mr. Mom", I don't take offense to it, but when someone asks "Are you Mr. Mom?" I just tell them "No, I am their father." to all of you,…

Fatherhood Inc - the book dummy is online!

it began in late 2005.  months later, we have the book dummy online and we're printing it to show to publishers.  to see the book [click here]

annual reports . two cover stories

a biotech annual - design concept was paths to health and squares were repeated in the book throughout. hopscotch, I thought. I get kids to stand in for test shots and after a few they want to blow me off and go do the monkey bars. I follow…