thanks, coach

this past fall i was the head coach for a soccer team of 6 year olds people talk about taking the time for the important things in life, but everyone should be lucky enough to take themselves away from their work to see memories being made,…

LA Gallery show this month

my cala lily images will be featured in a gallery in LA - the Whole 9 Gallery the show opens october 13th and runs through november 10th 6101 washington blvd culver city, ca


school's back some images of summertime fun ...

a comment on fatherhood

My fatherhood book project is ongoing. I hope to shoot a number of Dads in the coming months, but I wanted to highlight a comment that came through on this blog. At the time this comment came in, I was shooting for a week in Maine and there…


at first when I began this book project, I felt like I wanted to only show images of fathers doing things society doesn't expect of them. recently I was shooting a father with his two sons and we went out to his car. he was showing them how…


last week I went to charlotte, north carolina for the day to do a magazine cover shoot. had the opportunity to climb into one of Jeff Gordon's race cars - an amazingly confining space. I cannot imagine being in one of these cars when it's…

happy father's day

i received this quote in response to the fatherhoodinc.com book mock up: The tag I often get hit with is "Mr. Mom", I don't take offense to it, but when someone asks "Are you Mr. Mom?" I just tell them "No, I am their father." to all of you,…

Fatherhood Inc - the book dummy is online!

it began in late 2005.  months later, we have the book dummy online and we're printing it to show to publishers.  to see the book [click here]