fatherhood in film

check out this documentary film project about the evolution of fathering: http://www.evolutionofdad.com/

annual report season

last month - four annuals three biotech . one utility company

stems . creativity

i grow i weed i prune and then i shoot i gave a lecture last year during which I talked about my stems work. while i primarily photograph people, every now and then i find myself drawn to shooting flowers, petals, stems, thorns, or other parts…

fatherhood in music

one of the guys I photographed for my fatherhood book as a song playing on stations nationwide - check out this track:http://www.myspace.com/thetrackrunners


i get a goldeni get asked to shoot a cover of a goldenwhat are the odds?this one's not mine - he's better trainedhe's from dogs4diabeticsthey alert when their owner's blood sugar gets too low


this was there, i had to shoot it

follow this link !!!

http://www.storyofstuff.com Please check this out - it's a great clip to watch yourself and with kidsgood things to keep in mind for the holidays. 

thanks, coach

this past fall i was the head coach for a soccer team of 6 year olds people talk about taking the time for the important things in life, but everyone should be lucky enough to take themselves away from their work to see memories being made,…