Robert Houser as the Nutcracker

Happy holidays

It's funny how many holiday cards this year express a certain amount of trepidation about 2017...   And then, the magical Nutcracker comes in and saves everyone from the Rat King.  Yes, the last one is a little creepy.  Why…
Young woman trail running in the Oakland hills by San Francisco Advertising photographer Robert Houser
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always testing something

At least twice a month we set up test shoots to work with new lighting, new cameras, new models or even new locations.  Last week we were using the new Canon 5D Mark IV with some lenses that had just be re-aligned by Canon for a fitness…

Facing Chemo on ViewFind

The Facing Chemo project has been featured today on Viewfind [Connecting people through visual storytelling] Check it out: They also featured a Facebook live event last week that can be seen…

APA featured gallery

Happy that the APA has featured our new fitness gallery on their site. Check out the new work.
Fitness photograph of African American boxer outdoors

laughing boxers

I've often wondered about advertising or editorial images that show no connection -- it's often like the model is simply there to wear the clothes, or the subject is meant to be a cold statue. Sure a shoot may start off distant between the…

new gear

My new Canon Canon just released the new 5D mark IV and I've already played with it.  The new bodies are supposed to start shipping today, so I'm waiting for my pre-order to get here.  With the focusing engine of the Canon 1Dx mark…
Yoga headstand composite


I started making this animated gif by assembling these shots as layers in Photoshop, and then I preferred the image with all the layers turned on.  
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Behind the Scenes on a Title Nine shoot

We put together a couple videos this week from some BTS moments on some recent Title Nine sports bra shoots  

Facing Chemo exhibit in Switzerland this summer

A selection of images from the Facing Chemo Before & After exhibit will be on display at a gallery in Switzerland this summer as part of a larger exhibit on the human condition.  WER BIN ICH?  WHO AM I?   WER BIN…

Camera test - Canon 1dx Mkii and Sony A7rii

Not the most obvious comparison, but I had the opportunity (thanks to Sony for the A7rii) to play with both on a couple shoots and tests last month.  FWIW, I thought I’d share my un-biased-ish thoughts.  I shot both alongside my…