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My First Week On The Farm


My first week of work has been a whirlwind of production details, location scouting, and we even squeezed in a few shoots in there somehow. The ranch in Oakland has been welcoming with it’ s friendly goats and cloud drenched sunsets. I got to work on last week’s shoot from start to finish, it’s an addition to the Bodies project Bob is doing on dancers. Flying 12 foot silks in the wind was a bit challenging. We had to tie down the C- stands with ratchet straps and climbing rope. The last thing I secured with ratchet straps was a canoe in a pickup truck and lets just say that didn’t go well. Luckily, the silks faired the wind better than my canoe. Here are a few behind images from our shoot.Aerial shots of Dancers

Aerial shots of Dancers

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention we got to shoot with the new Phase One 645DF+ thanks to our friends at Samy’s Camera. Ray, we love you and have been drooling over this camera since the shoot.



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