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Check out these die-hard women “just doin’ it” Nike style.  Female role models have sure come a long way.  And, we still have a ways to go, but every time I see the images that Bob shoots for TitleNine I think about how far we’ve broken through the perception that women were meant to be kept indoors, fragile and soft.  A 1970’s bikini, oversized sunglasses, bottle of baby oil and a cigarette are about as ‘rugged’ as my mom ever got, give or take the unveiling of a tennis skirt now and again (sorry Mom).   Today’s young girls see physical strength, hard work and challenge as healthy and beautiful, and hopefully rewarding.  See more T9 here.

Title Nine Title Nine image of female weightlifter for Spring advertising campaign; women's retail; cross fitTitle NineTitle Nine - Fall 2014Title Nine - Fall 2014Title Nine 2014 - Holiday - TahoeTitle Nine - 2014 fall/winter   Title Nine - Fall 2014Title Nine - Moab, Fall 2014

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