From my most recent shoot for my personal project Facing Chemo
Please let me know which you think is most powerful – click the word comment or here.

Facing Chemo - a photographic project

Facing Chemo - a photographic project

Facing Chemo - a photographic project

healthcare photography of a female cancer patient

Facing Chemo - a photographic project

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  1. Barry Kidd
    Barry Kidd says:

    I believe the best photo is number two. However I believe the most powerful photo is number three.

    There’s no rhyme or reason behind my decision though maybe the eyes. More likely is just a personal choice and that’s something we all have to deal with.

    It away thank you for sharing it was a different sort of post. Very simple straightforward and one that I enjoyed.

    Have a happy day,


  2. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    I think both 2 & 3 are very strong, depending on what message you want to make.

    I like #2 because the smile reveals a sense of strength but its slightness, in tandem with the direct gaze, also shows the difficulties faced. Pain and optimism can exist together.

    #3 also conveys the struggle but seems more weary. It is stronger than #2 in expressing the pain and seriousness of going through chemo.


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