. outside the studio door
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from last month's trip up north to the mountains

onion blossoms

Every July when the onions and leeks are almost ready to pick, these blossoms grace my kitchen. I love the symmetry.

evil orchids

have you ever looked at the backside of an orchid?


every summer, i find myself shooting textures - you can see last year's here this year, from a week in the mountains:

reset in tuscany

olives, grapes, wine, pasta & gelato  . never did manage to shoot the last three things

stems . creativity

i grow i weed i prune and then i shoot i gave a lecture last year during which I talked about my stems work. while i primarily photograph people, every now and then i find myself drawn to shooting flowers, petals, stems, thorns, or other parts…

LA Gallery show this month

my cala lily images will be featured in a gallery in LA - the Whole 9 Gallery the show opens october 13th and runs through november 10th 6101 washington blvd culver city, ca