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The Facing Chemo project has gotten a lot of press this week after being featured on BuzzFeed earlier in the week.  We are honored to have these moving portraits touch so many.

make a wish foundation

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Facing Chemo

/Kala This week we completed the framing of the latest Facing Chemo exhibit - Before & After. The show hung this past Wednesday at a corporate event at Genentech. We are looking forward to seeing the show hang again soon.   …

sharing the process

studio news\katie . . . In May we welcomed a number of guests at OMI Gallery who came to hear Bob talk about the Facing Chemo project.  We're honored that a handful of participants came to both listen and take part in the discussion.…
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Artist Talk - Join us Wed, May 14th

  studio news\katie . . . OMI Gallery is hosting an Artist Talk with Bob, this coming Wednesday, May 14th, from 6:30-8:30pm.  Bob will be discussing the Facing Chemo project which is currently on exhibit there through the month of…

Facing Chemo gallery opening - May

For the month of May my project, Facing Chemo, will be at the Omi Gallery in Oakland - 2323 Broadway Oakland - in the Oakland Impact Hub.  The opening last Friday was a great success. Images from the opening - courtesy of Amy Hart …
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facing chemo - in their shoes

studio news\katie . . . Last week Bob photographed another breast cancer patient for the Facing Chemo project.  Stepping back and choosing images to edit, I'm always intrigued by the wave of emotions participants feel in just a short…
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The Many Faces . . .

 studio news\katie . . .of Breast Cancer - tomorrow from 10am-12noon. Bob has been asked to present the Facing Chemo project tomorrow at the Lesher Center for the Arts.  He's joining a panel of leading medical experts who will be addressing…
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Facing Chemo - opening crowds

We had a great crowd of about 300 people come through last night for the first opening of Facing Chemo, including about 18 of the people I photographed for the project.  The show is open this week from 12-3 both Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday…