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Fun in the Midwest

/Kala We are back in the studio this week after traveling quite a bit of traveling for BioMarin. At the beginning of this month we took off to the Midwest to photograph a couple of amazing people with the rare disease called MPS-IV. The warm…

Facing Chemo in NY

Seen at an opening in NY tonight at the Chelsea 27 artspace 617 West 27th ASMP NY Image 14 winners  

Facing Chemo - before and after

More diptychs from our Facing Chemo reunion.  I think this might be a separate exhibit soon.  
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Facing Chemo reunion

We had a moving, inspiring and wonderful picnic Saturday at the ranch for all the people we photographed for Facing Chemo.  Amongst the food, and games and a great home-made chicken piñata, I managed to re-photograph everyone. Here's the…
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Artist Talk - Join us Wed, May 14th

  studio news\katie . . . OMI Gallery is hosting an Artist Talk with Bob, this coming Wednesday, May 14th, from 6:30-8:30pm.  Bob will be discussing the Facing Chemo project which is currently on exhibit there through the month of…
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what inspires you?

I got an email from an art student last week that started with, ‘Your work inspires me.’  Always nice to hear, but it got me thinking - what inspires me? It’s not the places I get to see or the objects in my life, it’s the people.…
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facing chemo - in their shoes

studio news\katie . . . Last week Bob photographed another breast cancer patient for the Facing Chemo project.  Stepping back and choosing images to edit, I'm always intrigued by the wave of emotions participants feel in just a short…
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annual report photograph
- watch the bird

Early this week I was working on an annual report for BioRad Laboratories.  While shooting the CEO, we noticed a hummingbird had hit a plate glass window on the side of the building and was lying on the ground stunned.  I stopped shooting…
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Facing Chemo - opening crowds

We had a great crowd of about 300 people come through last night for the first opening of Facing Chemo, including about 18 of the people I photographed for the project.  The show is open this week from 12-3 both Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday…