facing chemo - now on facebook

Did you get my email about my Facing Chemo project, now on Facebook! I want you to see more of this personal project I've been working on. First acknowledged in the Communication Arts photo annual last year, the project and people…


A young boy with alopecia sits for a lighting test. Very cute kid.

street casting - Yoga

Another great street casting shoot in the studio

a face to swim in

I photographed this guy in the studio this week a part of my street casting project.  I could have shot close up portraits of his face all day.

an ad for Speedo

what I had in mind for this streetcasting subject found on craigslist gave myself one hour no assistant, no makeup artist, no stylist
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Visually impaired triathlete training

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with visually impaired triathlete, Richard Hunter.  I was commissioned to do an editorial cover shoot of him for Thrivent magazine on location in Sacramento.   underwater video: http://vimeo.com/33252713