Flashback – years ago I had the opportunity to photograph Alexander Shulgin and his lab for a Swiss magazine.  It was quite an experience.  People are often asking to see the images of the lab, so I thought I’d post them here.  This is Sasha, as he is known, posing with his wife in their kitchen.

Portrait of S. Shulgin, the inventor of MDMA (the drug known as Ecstasy), taken in his home with his wife for an editorial magazine.

Check out the images of the lab here





This week at the outdoor studio, the team focused on expanding the lifestyle and fitness portfolios. It’s been pretty busy around the ranch lately so to stop and take some shots of Winston for JE Models was refreshing. Almost everything that we’ve been doing lately has been prep for Bob’s trip to LA next week. We’ve been updating social media and online portfolios, mailing pamphlets and somehow finding time to shoot small projects in-between. We have a fun shoot coming up that involves more surfers at Stinson Beach – we were rained out this week. Stay tuned here and to our Instagram for more surf related photos to come.

Test shoot - surferTest shoot - surferTest shoot - surferTest shoot - surferTest shoot - surfer


I am working this week on a new print portfolio to accompany me to LA later this month.  The portfolio is being printed on a beautiful Hannemuhle paper like my Facing Chemo portfolio, but this one is focused on my personal project on dancers.  Working on the composition of these images for the InDesign layout, I did a lot of tweaking today.  Here’s a preview:

Clouds in Northern California

Ballet dancers in flight