Facing Chemo in NY

Seen at an opening in NY tonight at the Chelsea 27 artspace 617 West 27th ASMP NY Image 14 winners  
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Ballet. [Click the image to see it larger]
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Phase One IQ250

I recently did a dance shoot on the farm where we used the new IQ250 from Phase One.  The new CMOS sensor made this possible as we were shooting outdoors using available light through numerous silks.  We had the ASA up to 800 and 1600…
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My First Week On The Farm

/Kala.... My first week of work has been a whirlwind of production details, location scouting, and we even squeezed in a few shoots in there somehow. The ranch in Oakland has been welcoming with it' s friendly goats and cloud drenched sunsets. I…

Wells Fargo for Barrons

Recent tear sheet from Barrons of Jay Welker - Wells Fargo