studio news\katie... hmmm... prop A?                           or prop B?

News from Production Paradise

studio news\katie... featured in their Portrait and Celebrity Spotlight - click below to check it out. SAN FRANCISCO: Robert Houser Robert Houser is an award-winning San Francisco-based professional photographer specialising…

Safeway delivery

studio news\katie... Last week's shoot for Safeway - braving the peninsula heat.
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Not your typical model

studio news\katie... isn't she stunning?    

summer time fun

                              follow me this summer for fun on instagram.  
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studio news\katie... another beauty, filled with emotion - photographed last week for Facing Chemo - she had such an aura of good around her - her mere presence was up-lifting.

On the road again

  studio news\katie...                             the new van is helping to make location shooting even more fun.  best.…