making connections on set

A business executive arrives on set. I say hello and reach out my hand. He says three words, and I look at him and say, "I'm guessing you grew up two miles from Revere Beach (outside Boston). Shocked, he looks up, thinks for a moment, and says,…

Headshots - wax on, wax off

1998 business magazine portraiture, san francisco = computer people, dot-coms. At the outset of every shoot, we were usually met by a 24 year old working in PR. "I know you're here to shoot for Wired-Business Week-Red Herring-The Industry…

People puzzles

It's 7:00 AM. We've been setting up in a Safeway produce section for hours. The shot is to be of three models, a produce employee holding out an apple to a small girl who stands in front of her mother. The only face you see is the girl's…

Help me edit these 5 images

From my most recent shoot for my personal project Facing Chemo Please let me know which you think is most powerful - click the word comment or here. See more from this photography project at Facing-Chemo.com

celebrity photography - Kerri Walsh

For the current issue of WebMD, I was asked to do a magazine profile on Kerri Walsh Jennings, three-time, Olympic Gold medal winner in beach volleyball. The piece focuses on her being pregnant with her third child during last summer's Olympic…

social media and photography

I'm looking forward to being on a panel for ASMP with Norman Maslov, Anne Hamersky and others, discussing the use of Social Media for photographers. - Photography in the World of Social Media Round Table Discussion Join us at Kimball…
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title nine catalog photography

We've been shooting location photography for the women's active clothing company, Title Nine, recently. Here's me testing a fence before I let the model near it. They have been great to work with - fun shooting, tons of locations each day,…

gifts for photographers

This lens cup is so realistic it feels strange every time I put it under the water stream in the sink to clean it. All the details are exactly like my 70-200 and you can even slide the manual/auto focus switches.

Campaign for the Dailey Method

The Dailey Method exercise studios around the country are now featuring advertising images we shot for them this past fall. Jill Dailey, in green, started the regimen in 2000 and they now have 40+ studios in 3 countries. Check out their home…