Canon 5d Mk III - in camera HDR

I did a shoot this week for Safeway during which we needed to take multiple exposures, composite them together and deliver a composited image immediately via ftp.  The new Canon 5d Mk III made this process seamless.  We were shooting tethered…

special olympics

from the annual summer games last month

Young Photographers Alliance

I have another meeting for the summer mentorship that I'm doing with the Young Photographers Alliance.  The subject of the project for the students is Hometown.  They will be shooting images all summer and then eventually getting them published.…

iPad portfolio

My new iPad case for my portfolio by Grove. Amazing quality, handmade in Portland, Oregon.  If you are looking for a case for a new iPad, I cannot recommend these guys enough.  The tactile quality of holding this thing is wonderful.  And,…

a day at the beach

Lovely July 1st fog in San Francisco