I spent last Saturday up in Davis photographing for the Special Olympics of Northern California.  This is the second year I’ve shot the summer games – the whole experience is so rewarding – if you have never been involved with the Special Olympics, you owe it to yourself to check them out.  I owe my involvement to a guy named Michael Pritchard, a speaker who travels to schools around the country teaching kids about values and service learning.

I’ve been bringing my kids to the Summer Games and this year my son even donned a camera and photographed the races.  It’s amazing how positive the athletes are – no matter how they do in their events.  I congratulated one man as he got out of the pool and he rushed over still dripping to give me a big wet hug.  So often I’ll ask one of the athletes if I can photograph them and they will immediately turn to the person next to them and have them be in the picture with them.

I’ve shot video for The Dailey Method before – the What Is?
video on their home page has been viewed over 50,000 times.  So, when this exercise method with over 40 studios around the US, asked me to shoot a viral video on location in Chicago and San Francisco this spring, I jumped at it.
The goal: to increase TDM’s social media presence.

The production was quick and lean, just an assistant doing lighting and sound while I shot and directed.  We started by asking regulars at their studios, “What does it mean to you to Do It Dailey?”  We riffed from there.  We have hours of footage for additional pieces – this is the first:


Last month we shot a video in Chicago and San Francisco for the exercise studio, The Dailey Method.  The video was posted yesterday and got 3000 views in the first 24 hours.

We shot hours of footage in the two studios and plan to edit more but we had to do the first one using the footage from this one woman – she was great to work with.