wonderful machine included my work in a piece they sent out about photographing kids. They have done some nice looking designs with their promotions. Wonderful machine is a virtual rep agency that has represented me since they started about…

baseball dreams

I was recently commissioned by Consumer Reports to do a piece on a young guy who was a star baseball player, about to be drafted from college to the majors. A week before the drafting letter, he was hospitalized - his liver was failing - the…

Huge images shot for Safeway

I was asked by Safeway last month to do some images for their new mission statement campaign running throughout their multiple corporate locations. The plan was to photograph a model dressed as a store employee in the produce section of a store…

Commission at Stanford

Cover shoot for Investment Advisor magazine of David Baron, a professor at the Stanford Business School

lookout mobile security

images from lookout mobile's website and branding

autumn . time for webs

Spinning a web outside the dining room window from Robert Houser on Vimeo.


personal work . self assignment for video testing images available through Getty Images