I was asked by Safeway last month to do some images for their new mission statement campaign running throughout their multiple corporate locations. The plan was to photograph a model dressed as a store employee in the produce section of a store – handing apples to a customer. Other shots with apples were planned to continue the theme throughout all the imagery. The great looking design comps done by Kate Morales at Safeway had stock images placed, including some that were stay in the final pieces.

We shot overnight on location at an East Bay Safeway store having previously scouted and arranged to have sections of the produce department re-arranged – all the oranges had be replaced with a huge multi-colored apple display. We shot with the Hasselblad H4D-40 because of the size the images would run – about 8 feet square with one printed over 10ft x 25ft.

With 5 models standing in for different shots, we shot until 4 o’clock in the morning. One image in the comps showed a stock shot of two farmers holding a large bushel of green apples. Early in the night my prop stylist arranged a bushel with different colored apples so we could recreate the image to see if it worked better with different apples. However, none of the models had jeans which seemed more appropriate for the farmers, so the stylist, Conor O’Brien and I held the basket with my assistant, Adam Weidenbach, firing the shutter. The different colors added much more than the solid green apples that it ended up replacing the stock shot in the final piece. As did another shot we did – I asked one of the models to throw an apple in the air while she was posing as an employee. This shot worked so well that it replaced a close up of a hand holding an apple that everyone had liked in the comps.

Safeway corporate image 9ft x 12ft

Safeway corporate image 9ft x 12ft

Safeway corporate mission statement mural

Safeway corporate image 10ft x 28ft