Methane from cows

I'm on my way to upstate Michigan to photograph a pro bono job - at a dairy farm that has installed a methane capture facility. I'm eager to see what it looks like, though I'm equally eager to get out of Chicago airport - been here for hours.…

healthcare annual report

We just finished shooting the 2009 BioMarin annual report last month - this is the same company for which I shot the patient in my earlier post. The lab images were shot using real employees - we're in the process of editing video that I…

magazine commission at cisco

magazine assignment to shoot two people at cisco systems on location in silicon valley the story was on security only, it was raining the umbrella solved both problems

a princess and morquio syndrome

I wrote about this little girl a few weeks ago full post - click here excerpt: ... a laugh so infectious I spent two hours sitting on the floor with her grinning ear to ear behind my lens.  She didn’t care that I was shooting so much…


Never knew Diamond Nuts was in San Francisco