Something I’ve been playing with –
I love a scene where the horizon is missing – fog or blown out highlights, yet what’s the subject, for me that means where’s the person?
So, I’m playing.  In this landscape, dance.
And, she happened to have had pink hair…

Pink Hair
Pink Hair
Pink Hair

A comment received today – I wanted to share:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing project, as a father my self I can understand the challenges that we are faced with in society. I remember growing up, my father didn’t have time to do most things with me or he was simply not around at all because he was always working, I remember thinking I will do that different with my kids when I grow up. Every day I try to remember that as I see my children grow. Once again, thank you for your project, it serves as a relief to some of us and as reminder to others on what does it really mean to be a father.

I was photographing portraits at Mondavi last week – spent a lot of time scouting in the vineyards. Couldn’t stop looking at the vines – grapes so ready to be picked.

Shooting here, like my fine art stem work, a reset button.

from a recent assignment in Southern California
many set-ups, 45 minutes, options….

visual conversations from Robert Houser on Vimeo.