annual trip to Louisiana

The theme for Rare Disease Day a few days ago (feb 29) was: Join us in making the voice of rare diseases heard.

In honor of that I wanted to post a few images from a project I started years ago.  The story is of my friend Nick, and inspiring man with Morquio Syndrome who I first met while taking pictures for a pharmaceutical company.  Every year I return to the small town in rural Louisiana to spend the day with his family.  This year I’ve pulled the first few years of images together on my site.

The full story will be a decade in the making.  <the gallery>


Portrait of a man with morquio syndrome Man with Morquio Syndrome takes a selfie with his daughterMan with Morquio bikes with his son



Dailey Method studio images

These just cropped onto the Dailey Method website and I was reminded how cool and clean this studio looked as a location to shoot fitness images.


fitness photography by advertising photographer Robert Houser

Dailey Method Studio owners

Advertising photography by San Francisco fitness photographer Robert Houser

Dailey Method founder, Jill Dailey

Recent fitness work

Recently we had the opportunity to do a fun project with fitness model Natasha Ward for women’s sportswear company, Title Nine.  We photographed on location in Marin County and at the boathouse in Greenbrae.  Rowing machines, boats, running, pull ups – she was working hard.  You may have seen some of these in the mail in the recent T9 catalogs or on banner ads.


Fitness model photography female running female running Title Nine - Spring 2016 Fitness photograph of a female model doing pull-ups. woman doing pull-ups at an outdoor fitness club female athlete using a rowing machine

IPA ~ International Photography Awards selects Facing Chemo

The International Photography Awards selected my series Facing Chemo Before & After in their Social Cause division.

International Photography Awards recognizes Robert Houser and his project Facing Chemo for 2015 award.

IPA award winner


Pharmaceutical photography

We had a great opportunity to work with the folks from GA Communications on a project for BioMarin this past fall photographing a series of patients.  We spent three days on location around the Bay Area making images that had to have a strong sense of flared backlight.  While we couldn’t shoot all of the images late in the day, we made use of both ideally placed sunlight and a strobe set far off in the distance.  For the swing shot I made a swing from an old piece of redwood and some nice looking hemp rope.  Using high rollers for a large silk above, we slid medium rollers underneath with a speed rail tube across so that we could place the swing wherever we wanted.  I knew we weren’t going to find a perfectly placed low hung tree branch : >

Yes, I got into the pool.  I had to.  With the tether cord held by an assistant and connected to a computer on dry land, I shot with a long lens handheld.  Most of the project was photographed using Canon’s new 5dsr 50 megapixel camera and a ProPhoto B1 in the trees.  And, lots of large silks.


Photograph of a young boy on a bicycleTwo boys for a pharmaceutical adHealthcare photograph by San Francisco Advertising photographer Robert Houser for a California based pharmaceutical company



welcome 2016

OK that was a busy fall.  We were thrilled to do a series of pharmaceutical projects here in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Toronto, Wisconsin and Denver.  On top of that I was back and forth to LA for some portrait work and we wrapped it all up with a number of fitness projects for Title Nine.  As if the busy shooting schedule of the year wasn’t enough, we did a lot of work at the ranch (pictures to come) — completing the client/makeup room and redoing a kitchen.  The goats are still here, chicken count is up to seven, and a new golden retriever pup is now following Taco around the farm — Luna is sure to have a starring role on this blog.  The reclaimed redwood slab built-in table in the makeup room is a thing of beauty.

Some fitness images from Title Nine’s Spring marketing.  Always fun working with Alix Tillet!

woman lifting weights

Fitness photography by San Francisco Advertising photographer Robert Houser photograph of a woman working out in a crossfit gym photograph of a woman doing crossfit photograph of a woman running advertising photograph of a woman laughingadvertising photograph of a woman laughing

all alone up north

The big guy gets to have the fun, while the mrs. is all alone up north.

Personal images - Santa image

makeup and effects by Sherrie Long

from previous years …



The Facing Chemo project has gotten a lot of press this week after being featured on BuzzFeed earlier in the week.  We are honored to have these moving portraits touch so many.


Body movement – to volleyball

I’ve been photographing dancers for about a year now as a study of movement and form.  This past week we applied that work to my fitness portfolio with a shoot of volleyball serves.  Which do you prefer?

Volleyball jump serve

Volleyball jump serve : 1

Volleyball jump serve

Volleyball jump serve – 2

Volleyball jump serve

Volleyball jump serve : 3

Volleyball jump serve

Volleyball jump serve : 4